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Hello!  I'm Julie.

My super fun photographer friend Kerry Gastley took this silly photo of me after an engagement session and it's just goofy enough to keep!!


I have always had issues with "change".  Don't like it at all and don't adjust to it well!  So to help me through life's, eh hum (throat clear noise) pleasantries, I take photos of how things are today so I can hold on tight!!  It's all I have to re-experiencing what my bedroom looked like before I moved out and got married, sitting in the chair with my dad even into my adult years and the view from the kitchen cut out while my mom made dinner.  


Memories are important and a photograph is a priceless memory that can not be forgotten.   Sometimes all we have left of person or place is a photograph.  Our lives are full of moments we wish we could have back, even just for a minute.



Seeing my photographs hanging in my Smilers' homes across the country, warms my heart!!